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D’Folly Italian Greyhounds

I hope you enjoy seeing some of our show pictures.

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Tally finishes in style

Tally with mom

Lizzie’s first BOB with me

Lizzie’s Best Veteran in Specialty Sweeps @ 8 yrs. old.

Sushi’s first points with me

Sushi wins Back to Back Majors

Jynx is BISS at NCIGC Specialty 2019!!

Connery is our NEW Champion 2019!

Quin picks up another BOB/BOW/BOS, but I love this favorite picture of Quin taken by a good friend during our trip to the 07 IGCA National Specialty..

A local playdate group

An online iggy forum

A ‘by invitation’ iggy forum

A wonderful article by Jan Elliott

Our National Breed Club

Northern CA IG Club

Zuli’s show career starts with a bang, and she made momma proud.

I really enjoy showing this lovely bitch.  She is sweet and enjoys life.  Here she is winning at the Santa Clara KC show in Feb. 09.

At the recent 2010 IGCA National Specialty…   I had the honor of winning the  BRACE class with Tally & Zuli.

What a thrill for us.

We had so much fun doing this class!

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Devi picks up a 4 Pt. Major in heavy competition!