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D’Folly Italian Greyhounds

Meet our dogs…….

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Lizzie snoozing

Sushi in Bling

Rough life

Quin, always a character

Lazin around the house

No Quin, BABY toys!

A Special moment with mom

Tally’s pearly whites

Tessa and Tally show off their Bling

Lizzie’s kitty Mr. Macho

Tessa having fun

Lula showing off

Tally the Fetch Monster

Tessa all gussied up

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Run Zuli, run for your life!

People are often surprised to see us as we go on walks both while at shows and about 5 days a week.  These pics were snapped by passers by on their cell phone cameras and then sent to me. We’ve made many friends along the way.

First the girls and I at a show parking lot in Dec. 08.


Then along a walk in March 09.

Meet Divine, our newest show girl!

Divine playing with a found lemon