I have to brag a little bit about my incredible girls.  Each of them in their own time has decided they want to be a LGRA racing dog.  Lizzie decided at her first race meet at the 04 IGCA Regional Specialty, and has run since then, though after a few tiny litters, she now decides each meet if she feels like running and I let her make her own choices.  Sushi ran from day one and still KILLS that bunny every program.  Tally waited a year till she was 3 to want to participate and suddenly the lightbulb went off and now she’s an SGRC, and one of the fastest dogs out there.  Quin was another who ran from the moment anyone showed her the bunny or she hears that noise.....and just this month earned her SGRC.  Little Lula earned her GRC at the age of 7, and to this day runs straight and true down the center line.  Now somehow at 7 my Tessa decided to try her hand and got interested, and though she’ll never be a true racer in the way of fake bunny killers, she still has managed four GRC points of her own.  Tally’s daughter Zuli is box trained and practicing consistently and it looks like she’ll follow in her mom’s footsteps at some point soon. She’s a fast little girl. Here comes Devi, who decided she was ready the second she saw plastic move.  She’ll start running next year, but practices well now.


I’m very happy to say that Quin, Tally and Sushi are back to running NOTRA consistently again, both Quin and Tally having earned their JOR, Sushi will catch up soon.

Sushi, doing what Sushi does best

Tally giving her usual ‘all’

Striving for Health, Beauty & Versatility in a small package.

D’Folly Italian Greyhounds

Enjoy some more of our Racing & Coursing pictures....

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Many thanks to Dave Mills and Susan Burt for your fabulous talent at catching my dogs in wonderful flight!!! You are amazing!

Sushi, is an intense competitor

Tessa having a little fun on the field,

What can I say, she’s 8!

Finally some nice Tessa pics racing at 8.5

This 9 pounder didn’t start her race career until age 7.

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