Quin remembers how to lure course @ the 2010 IGCA National.

Zuli wins the 2010 IGCA National LGRA w/ a FIVE point Major!!!

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Devi is such a goofball on course!

Tally still pours on the juice a almost 8.

Devi tries her hand at coursing practice...hmmm, this may be her newest venture...

I don’t think Tessa wants to quit at 9 1/2 yet, do you?

Mother (Tally)

& Daughter (Zuli),

 consummate showgirls who still love their BUNNIES!

Can you doubt it?

All these following pics are from the 2010 IGCA National Specialty racing/coursing weekend.

Striving for Health, Beauty & Versatility in a small package.

D’Folly Italian Greyhounds

Enjoy some more of our Racing & Coursing pictures....

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Many thanks to Dave Mills and Susan Burt for your fabulous talent at catching my dogs in wonderful flight!!! You are amazing!

Zuli & Devi began their NOTRA careers in April, 2011…  Zuli won every race she entered for some time, little speed demon. Her stats are on the first race pics page.  Now after having a litter and coming back, she remains in solid 2nd. in LGRA.

And on our first race pic page you will find her son Tate who is just starting his show and race careers.

I’m very proud of these next generations.

They prove the Versatility of our breed.